Blockchain Technology

Blockchain’s Triple Constraint

Blockchain technology has surely been

Converting RDBMS Into Blockchain


The Importance of Inventing New Consensus Algorithm For New Cryptocurrency

It is not a hard task to fork a cryptocurrency project into a brand new coin, due to the fact that almost all projects in the cryptocurrency world are open source. The benefit of having open source project is its openness to feedbacks and contributions by multiple programmers; they often contribute


Insane Facts About Bitcoin

If you want to know more about the crazy things about bitcoin in a short period of time, then this infographic is for you. It is taken from Republished with permission from the owner. Warning: large image detected. No related posts.

Hello world!



What is cyber security anyway? In the modern world filled with interconnected systems through Internet, cybersecurity is always a hot issue. There are 3 basic factors comprising cybersecurity, which can be listed as follows: confidentiality integrity availability These 3 are the core values, but there are other values that are


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