KRPTX (read: crypto-x or cryptex) dotcom is a website providing insights about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. As the technology grow mature, we want to contribute to the public that there are several matters we can really discuss and put on the surface.

KRPTX.com is a sister site of Kriptologi.com. KRPTX.com is focusing on the English-speaking readers.

We have the same spirit as in Kriptologi.com that our tone in writing is balanced. We disclose that we currently do not hold any significant amount of coins that may gain profits (or losses) due to our writing. We do not endorse any cryptocurrency (except explicitly disclosed) and we do not try to persuade readers to buy any cryptocurrency.

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Dimaz Wijaya

is currently a PhD student at Monash University. He received funding from both Monash University and Data61, CSIRO, Australia. His research is in the area of cryptocurrency, mainly focusing on privacy issues on the public blockchain.

He has a bachelor degree in computer science from Universitas Gadjah Mada, Indonesia and a master degree in networks and security from Monash University. His skill sets including digital forensic and software engineering as he worked for Indonesia Government in the last 8 years.