Cryptocurrency is nowadays a very popular word. Almost every day, media outlets talk about various topics around cryptocurrency. One of the most popular topics in cryptocurrency is how volatile the price is. The volatility becomes a problem when a cryptocurrency is deemed as a real currency, where people can buyRead More →

Blockchain technology has surely been a hot discussion topic, not only among academia but also industry practitioners. The blockchain capacity, or scalability in a more popular term, should be in the discussions. The vision of bringing blockchain technology into an industry standard requires the technology to be upgraded so thatRead More →

So I guess you have already known the heist happening in Coincheck, an exchange from Japan (yes, the same country where Mt.Gox resided). It is now touted as the biggest heist in the history of men with half billion NEM worth around US$400 million stolen. The event happened on 26thRead More →

So you might have already known at least a little bit about blockchain. It is a distributed database where nodes can synchronise all the data easily. The information is grouped into numbered blocks according to a consistent timestamping system. I have seen the beauty of this synchronisation capability and wonderingRead More →

What defines a cryptocurrency? If you look at the list provided by Coinmarketcap, you will see more than a thousand cryptocurrencies (some of them are alleged scams, beware). Almost all of them are open systems where anyone can jump in or jump out whenever they want, except Ripple (and maybeRead More →