Blockchain technology has surely been a hot discussion topic, not only among academia but also industry practitioners. The blockchain capacity, or scalability in a more popular term, should be in the discussions. The vision of bringing blockchain technology into an industry standard requires the technology to be upgraded so thatRead More →

So you might have already known at least a little bit about blockchain. It is a distributed database where nodes can synchronise all the data easily. The information is grouped into numbered blocks according to a consistent timestamping system. I have seen the beauty of this synchronisation capability and wonderingRead More →

An audience asked me this question during my session in IDSECCONF 2017. Knowing how good blockchain is, why was it first implemented in finance area (which is Bitcoin, a revolutionary e-cash system)? This is a very good question, and honestly, I do not have the exact answer. Satoshi Nakamoto wasRead More →

Blockchain will create a huge impact in the future. It is a new approach in distributing information among untrusted participants where these participants need to compete and cooperate at the same time. But first, we need to define: what is blockchain? Surprisingly, it is not easy to answer the seeminglyRead More →